Boudoir Bazaar Ladies' Ruffle d'orsay Pumps 5232

Type: Heel Pump
SKU: 19S01M575232BGE390
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Description - Two tone ruffle trimming embellish on vamp. 

Upper Material -  Microfibre leather / Corduroy 

Lining - Pig skin leather  

Inner Sole Material -  Pig skin leather 

Outer Sole Material - Rubber 

Heel measures - 65mm 


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Measure your foot size

Put on the socks (applicable for sneakers) or bare feet (other shoes) that you want to match with the shoes you bought, and then measure your foot size in the afternoon (the feet usually swell slightly at this time). Please allocate your body weight equally on your feet before measuring.

Step 1
Fix a piece of white paper on a hard floor near the wall, then stand close to the wall, keeping your heels close to the wall.

Step 2
Use a pen to mark the longest part of the foot (hereinafter referred to as the foot length) on the paper, change to another foot, and repeat the above steps, because the size of the left and right feet may be different.

Step 3
Use a ruler to measure the distance from the heel to the toe of each foot.

Confirm your size

Please use the table below to compare personal measurement data to confirm your size.

Women's Shoes Size Conversion Chart 女鞋尺寸對照表