Barbie x House of Avenues

House of Avenues x Barbie Sneaker  2020 collection


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barbie x house of avenues sneaker collection poster 2020

House of Avenues has been actively working with different brands to cross-border collaboration, following the launch of the line-up series with LINE FRIENDS and SpongeBob in 2018;
In 2019, Barbie and House of Avenues collaborated and launched a Barbie's 60th anniversary collection
With the success of the launch of the collection last year, this year, 2020, the two brands join together again to launch another collection of trendy white sneakers and casual shoes.


barbie women's White high top sneakers x hoa fitting on model  

HOA X BARBIE Women's platform sneakers 2020 black color illustration

hoa x barbie pink platform sneakers tennis style fitting on model


hoa x barbie women's platform sneakers specification product


hoa x barbie platform sneakers color variation

hoa x barbie white sneaker with glitter pink ankle

hoa x barbie white sneaker tennis style model shot


Story Feature:

Strong Women Make Waves - Barbie fashionista is nearly a childhood companion for every girl, she is by no means a toy. She took the girls to play various roles and fulfilled their pursuit of dreams. The Barbie we know is a 16-inch waist with a perfect appearance. But with the change of the times, Barbie's appearance began to change. With the diversification of appearance, Being closer to the actual world can also inspire every child to embrace her true self. "Barbie is committed to encouraging every girl by shaping the female models of the past and present." This concept coincides with our concept of House of Avenues, We have always strived to promote women to become ideal selves, embrace the true selves without being limited by their thoughts. This time Barbie x House of Avenues launches another collab collection, with the theme of "Strong Women Make Waves", a series of sports style leisure styles have been designed. "We will set off a new wave."


"Barbie Pink", "Baseball Style", "Arrow Pattern" Casual and eye-catching and easy to take! Casual and comfortable small round head, magic color tongue label, Featured with logo arrow pattern, small zipper design with inner zipper, slightly wedge & platform soles, with a youthful leisure style!

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